with DuoSphere technology

HyaloSphere is a uniquely designed controlled release drug delivery system that aims to potentially overcome the problems of conventional therapy and enhance therapeutic efficacy of a given drug.

Our proprietary technology is made from a unique process, which as a result creates a revolutionary nanotechnology controlled released drug delivery system.

HyaloSpheres can be used in various applications, including chemoembolization to initially decrease the blood supply to tumor cells and starve the tumor cells along with delivering chemotherapy to the targeted site and lyse the tumor cells.

HyaloSpheres Offer:

A 100% biodegradable layer
Time-Controlled drug release
Flexible spheres
Less aggregation
More uniform occlusion
Well defined penetration
Revascularizes tissue leading to tissue regeneration
Accelerates body’s healing process
Sequential drug delivery intelligence
Enhanced localized delivery and longer controlled release of the drug
Increased target specificity in the body
Proprietary process can be calibrated to produce particles ranging from nano size range to microns in size

HyaloSphere Applications:


An endovascular therapy where HyaloSpheres selectively complete arterial embolization of a tumor along with local delivery and controlled release of a chemotherapeutic agent. In addition, HyaloSpheres will also revascularize the affected tissue, accelerate the healing process, and lead to tissue regeneration.


HyaloSpheres can be incorporated into topical formulations (creams, lotions, powders, dressings) and with its characteristic porous membranes allows the controlled release of drugs or active ingredients.

Vaccine Delivery

HyaloSpheres can improve antigenicity, modulation of antigen release, and stabilization of antigen release.

Pain management medications


Diabetic medications


Anti-Aging Therapy